Our Company

Makini Group has a track record of helping companies succeed through local, national and international expansion. We have been pioneers in the industry for a number of years and are known around the world for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all our members of staff who led us here.

At Makini Group we help companies diversify, grow and thrive in existing industries and markets as well as new markets. It’s what we’re great at. We ensure that they fulfill the full potential of their new client base by helping them to uniquely position themselves as a trailblazing and leading brand within the new market. But we don’t stop there.  We set their sights on new frontiers too, and work with them to achieve success.

Our consultancy services focus on a range of key sectors such as international expansion, information technology, business management, financial advisory, mergers & acquisitions, and media and marketing. We have successfully helped numerous clients achieve smooth and strategic market entries into Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.